museum mouth (sleep_obscene) wrote,
museum mouth

Acid Dreams & Spanish Queens

           Maids are bickering in the hall
           The day is warm
           Last night's perfume
           I lie alone in this
           cool room

           My mind is calm & swirling
           like the marble pages of an
           old book

           I'm a cold clean skeleton
           scarecrow on a hill
           in April
           Wind eases the arches
           of my boney Kingdom
           Wind whistles thru my mind
           & soul
           My life is an open book
           or a T.V. confession


    I wish a storm would
    come & blow this shit
    away. Or a bomb to
    burn the Town & scour
    the sea. I wish clean
    death would come to me.

                                         Jim Morrison;
                                         Maids Are Bickering...
                                         Hurricane & Eclipse
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