museum mouth (sleep_obscene) wrote,
museum mouth

I've never taken notice of myself missing Daytona until just now. I don't miss the psychotic room mate, or the school. What I do miss is being able to wake up every morning and walk right outside to the most gorgeous view of an ocean that I have ever seen. Riding a bicycle built for two down the beach at 8 in the morning with Jen, and then sitting on a towel picking at seashells listening to our headphones. I miss being able to walk down the road to starbucks whenever I wanted, and not being with the company of my parents all of the time. I long to hear the sound of those small crashing waves at midnight when everyone is asleep and I slip out to have a smoke. Though I'd never wanted my friends to be with me more than when I was there, and was so excited just to hear one of their voices on the phone. I had the most horrible homesickness because I didn't quite realize what I was experiencing there. I feel my chest growing heavy, so I will fix some Green Tea. mmm, liquid peace.
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